This site is built with accessibility in mind. It follows the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines so that my sites are available to everyone. This site conforms at a minimum to Level A compliance of the W3C's web content accessibility guidelines and includes many features that conform to AA level sites. It is built adhering to modern web standards. This standard is endorsed by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and the Disability Rights Commission. It strives to meet my obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 with respect to the provision of services online. All pages should be XHTML and CSS compliant. If the site does not display properly in your browser, then your browser may not be standards compliant and you should upgrade to a more modern browser. There are many excellent browsers freely available, but we personally recommend Firefox because it is an open source browser free from the baggage of its commercial counterparts.

Access keys

This site makes use of access keys as a navigational aid. There is currently no standard implementation for access keys but we follow the E-envoy's Guidelines for UK Government websites. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate without the need for a mouse. In Internet Explorer on Windows, you can press the ALT key and an access key; on the Mac press the Control (CTRL) key and an access key. You may need to press enter/return to activate the link depending on your browser. Please refer to your specific browser access key instructions to use access keys successfully. Browsers often have a unique combination.

'Main page' access keys

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Other features

The code used for this site is structured semantically and the content and presentation elements are separate. This helps users who use non-graphical browsers to use the site as content is structured logically and makes sense when read using a text based browser or with a spoken browser. As well as access keys the site uses tab indexing so that users with text based browsers can use the keyboard to navigate quickly and easily between links. If you experience any accessibility issues with this site please contact: